At leighton4learning we don't make things, we make people. But not just any kind of people. The people we make are those who challenge norms and revolutionize thinking. We call them B.R.A.Ts.


B.R.A.Ts are essential for all progress - economic, social and even personal progress. 

B.R.A.Ts stands for Bold Researchers and Teachers. Anyone can become a B.R.A.T. You do not have to be an actual university or government or corporate researcher or teacher to be B.R.A.T. This is because bold research and teaching are not occupations or positions but ways of thinking and acting in the world - whatever the circumstance.


Why would you ever want to become a B.R.A.T? Easy. Because in a globalized world that is constantly innovating, producing and disseminating, people can no longer be simple recipients of information - passively reacting to what is happening and always steps behind waves of thought and action.  


The first word in B.R.A.T is bold. Bold is about becoming a brave, outspoken, learned and dependable student and/or worker. Not a cog in the wheel but someone who contributes to a cause or company in ways that elevate and move it forward. This requires helping people learn how to systematically undo years of thinking and acting that are based in conformity and fear. Conformity and fear do not help people or organizations move forward. 

Inherent to B.R.A.Ts is a systematic, curricular approach to thinking, feeling and acting designed by Professor and Psychologist J.P. Leighton, based on decades of psychological and educational science. The B.R.A.T curriculum is designed to make people become creative, critical in their thinking, confident and compassionate. The curriculum is designed around 4 fundamental principles. Each principle is the basis of a style of coaching, teaching and assessing students. The end product are B.R.A.Ts - Bold Researchers and Teachers. 

FREEDOM of thought

Freedom of thought permits the cultivation of creativity


Recognition of bias permit the cultivation of critical thinking

FEARLESSNESS in response

Fearlessness in response permit the cultivation of confidence


Responsibility in action permits the cultivation of compassion

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