• Jacqueline Leighton

Inaugural post: The perspective behind my observations

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

This is the first blog post of my updated website. The views I share here do not necessarily reflect the views of my students, research partners or the university. The views are my own.

I decided to update the site for a variety of reasons. First, my original website had become more of a personal academic site than a laboratory/student site. Second, a personal academic site allows me to update aspects of it without needing to bother others for recent material - for example, recent papers and presentations or even media. Third, I had started to upload more of my professional observations in the form of blog posts and I did not want to confuse visitors into thinking that my views or even the methods by which I curate my site reflect the views and opinions of the university or students I supervise.

The perspective behind my observations typically involve humanistic considerations and values about the way in which I think we learn and live. My perspective is heavily influenced by the writing of Carl Rogers and the research I have conducted over 30 years. My perspective is also influenced by the students I have had the honour of teaching for over 30 years. Such a perspective may on occasion put me at odds with certain dogmatic traditions in teaching and learning. I continue to learn a great deal from them.